Consultation & Appointment Information

Initial Naturopathic Consultation 

Your initial consultation will take 45-60 minutes. During this time Emma will talk to you about your medical history, presenting condition and concerns, your current diet and lifestyle and also your health goals.

A clinical assessment will involve physical observation to identify signs and symptoms of nutritional deficiency and also observe body composition (In some cases, or if requested, Bio-Impedence testing may also be performed). A dietary assessment will involve an analysis of your typical daily dietary intake in order to identify areas of insufficiency which may be contributing to suboptimal health. 

Emma will then formulate an individual wellness plan for you, taking into account your current level of health, lifestyle and capabilities. This may include dietary and lifestyle changes, nutritional supplements and/or herbal medicines to adjust areas of deficiency. Emma will ensure that you have a thorough understanding of the recommended treatment and will also provide written information via email to assist you in implementing your health plan and achieving the health and vitality you deserve.

If you have recently consulted with a doctor or undergone pathology testing, please bring any relevant reports to your consultation. If necessary Emma may refer you for pathology testing following this consult, then a treatment plan will be devised according to the results.

Follow up Consultations 

Follow up consultation will take between 20-45 minutes and scheduled according to individual requirements; they may be at fortnightly or monthly intervals. These appointments will involve a review of your progress and allow treatment to be adapted accordingly.

Online (Skype) Consultations

Online video sessions may be considered when a person is unable to attend clinic for a face-to-face appointment. 
To find out if an online session is suitable for your needs please contact Emma to enquire. 

Health Fund Rebates

Emma is registered with the following health funds:

Medibank Private, BUPA (MBF, Mutual Community & HBA), HBF, HCF, NIB, Health Partners, GU Health, Australian Unity & ARHG (Australian Regional Health Group).