Bioelectric Impedance Analysis (BIA)

Body Weight

Body Fat %

Visceral Fat

Total Body Water %

Muscle Mass

Bone Mass

Physique Rating

Basal Metabolic Range (BMR)

Metabolic Age - up to 50yrs

BIA is a quick, non-invasive measurement of a person’s body composition, providing insight into their general health that can’t be gathered through observation alone.

Whilst standing on the scales a light electrical impulse is sent through the body, it is so mild and safe that it won’t be felt. Muscle tissue, fat mass, bones and body fluids all conduct the impulse differently thereby providing individual measurements. These are then analysed to provide an estimated biological age and basal metabolic rate. The measurement of visceral fat, the fat surrounding your organs, is an important factor in measuring risk of Cardiovascular disease and many other chronic conditions which threaten longevity and vitality.

These measurements provide overall picture of a person’s health and highlight areas for improvement and at times provide explanation to a client’s symptomology. A treatment plan may then be specifically formulated to include the findings.

BIA is a great way for the practitioner to assess a client’s response to treatment and the ability to monitor progress can be motivating for clients also. This makes it a particularly good tool for those seeking support in weight management, whether it be for fat loss or muscle gain, as progress is numerically measured.

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