About Naturopath, Emma Hynes


Emma is a qualified and experienced Naturopath with exceptional knowledge and passion for holistic care. Emma uses natural therapies including Nutrition, Western Herbal Medicine, supplementation and lifestyle advice to nourish, educate and support clients in health and wellness.

She is dedicated to obtaining a thorough understanding of the root of her client’s health concerns so as to make recommendations for significant and long lasting change. Emma combines experience and knowledge of nutritional and herbal supplementation that is backed by scientific research to provide treatment that is personalized and effective. Emma has an extensive background in health, fitness and wellness and is appreciative to have turned her passion into a career.

Emma Hynes Naturopath Sydney Australia
‘I grew up with my Dad's saying “good health in life and you’re a millionaire”. I live by this motto and truly believe our lives are enriched when our body and mind feel well and in harmony. We all walk a unique path in health and wellness and the beauty of Naturopathy is that each person is treated as an individual and our inherent nature to heal is encouraged. My goal is to empower people to take charge of their health and embrace their full potential, which is often much greater than they realise. I believe finding a balance in body, mind and spirit is the secret to enjoying a happy, healthy and enriched life’.

With a passion for travel and adventure, Emma has travelled to many countries gaining exposure to a wide variety of cultures, food and natural therapies whilst being drawn to apothecaries in little towns that contain remedies built on empirical knowledge and tradition and passed down through generations. This has resulted in an appreciation and respect for the many modalities and beliefs that comprise the natural health field around the world today. Where necessary, Emma will work alongside other therapists and doctors in order to provide a multi-faceted approach to your health and wellbeing. 

Emma is currently practicing in Sydney at Bondi Beach & North Manly.
She is available for private consultation and also corporate and social events.

Accredited member of ATMS